An informational primer to quench your curiosity!

Mushrooms are a great supplement to many gourmet preparations and can even be their own main dish! All of our culinary varieties can be prepared just like you would any other mushroom, including exotic types like Lion’s Mane and Coral Tooth.

Many of our cultivars are tree-borne species and have much less of an earthy flavor than the typical mushrooms you would find at your local grocery store (white button, portabella, and dried porcini). All of them are a complete protein source with all nine essential amino acids, and they are a perfect choice for “Meatless Mondays” or any other vegan or vegetarian preparations. They also go well as a side or enhancement to any omnivorous menu.

Oyster Mushroom Varieties have distinct flavor and texture profiles that readily pair well with meat and poultry, while Lion’s Mane and Coral Tooth will easily take on the seasoning of the dish you prepare. We have a wide range of Oyster mushroom varieties. Blue, pink, black, and pearl (white) oyster mushrooms feature larger caps and smaller stems (or “stipes” in mushroom-speak) which are great for sautés and soups. Other oyster mushrooms like our Black Kings (“trumpet mushrooms”) feature thicker, denser stems and smaller caps which can be crosscut to make vegan scallops, vertically for some meaty strips, or cubed to do with as you please!

Lion’s Mane and Coral Tooth, both have a lobster or crab-like flavor with a light texture and flavor. These two varieties are popular for their ability to simulate different textures. The spines from Lion’s Mane can be pulled apart and used to simulate crab meat, especially in vegan preparations like crab-less crab-cakes. It can also be cut cross-sectionally which produces a nice chicken-tender effect, or you can squeeze some of the water out of a fresh mushroom into your sauce to retain its nutrients, but then add the flesh back into your cooking to simulate a “pulled-pork” feel. Interestingly, Coral Tooth simulates beef crumbles. Additionally, Lion’s Mane is known and desired for its medicinal benefits of promoting neuro-motor function and boosting memory recall!